Friday, November 7, 2008


She finally invited Brad on the show instead of c*ckblocking because of the lame Maniston.
Oprah has managed to snag an Interview with Brad Pitt, where he talks about………Angelina Jolie.

During the conversation, Oprah tells Brad that Angelina Jolie is the love of his life. Then, she asks him if he’s the happiest he’s even been.

“Dare I say,” Brad replies in the interview, which is set to air November 18th.

“Dare I see,” says Oprah.

It is Brad’s first sit-down with Oprah since his 2005 split with Jennifer Aniston, who is friends with Oprah.

Oprah asks Brad, who is busy raising six kids, if he wants more children.

“Probably. It’s the greatest endeavor I’ve ever taken on,” he says. “Why stop now?”

He calls his kids the “funniest people,” but admits it can be hard to handle more than four of them at a time.

He tells Oprah, that 2 year old Shiloh, who is a Peter Pan fanatic, will only respond to the names John and Peter. Four year old Pax, he says, rebelled against a timeout session by peeing on the timeout chair.

Oprah brings out the November issue of W magazine, which featured photos Brad took of Angelina.

He tells Oprah that he wanted to portray Angelina as a “femme fatale.” He goes on to say she is “very sweet.”

Brad and Oprah bonded this past week at Chicago’s Grant Park after Barack Obama was elected president.

“I would have invited you out with me to the rally last night,” Oprah says. “But I was down with the people, and I didn’t think you would want to be.”

To which Brad answered, “I took the tram, shoulder to shoulder.”


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