Thursday, November 6, 2008


First THIS now according to YBF:
Oprah told both of them not to show up to the major Inauguration Balls because this “wasn’t about them”. How funny is that coming from Lady O?

Lady O has spoken. Ha at these lames. They think paying off urban radio stations make them special. Sorry....You may attend the inauguration and then take yo azzes home. And take your bishes with yall.


Anonymous said...

lol you are so wrong for this

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what they did.
As a person over age 45, I know how hard it is to get you blacks out to vote. they rather stand in line for 5 hours catching the day after thanksgiving sale or the latest star wars movie or video game. These guys deserve to go to the balls and I only hope it is not with a string of barely dressed, too much fake hair, too much makeup, and too loud, women on their arms.

Scoop Lady said...

the feelings are mutual

i must say i am proud of you whites for going out to vote. you'd rather stay online and buy porno, get up at 5am to go to the flee market lines, run to the borders to abuse illegal imigrants to clean your nasty toilets, or stay on watch in the suburbs to kidnap and molest someone's innocent kids. I'm glad you took the time from that to vote. I'm glad you took the time to to instead of talking about your one black friend, to go out and vote for that black man and his black classy wife to be in the whitehouse. You are right everyone deserves to be go to the balls. I only hope it is not with pale skinned, blonde 'extention' wearing, filled with silicone breast having, barely dressed golddigging whores with dusty knees on their arms