Sunday, February 24, 2008


  • TYLER PERRY: Tyler Perry's latest Lionsgate DVD release "Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?," debuted at number one on the North American DVD charts this past week with over two million units already sold.
  • AMY WINEHOUSE: Outsold Akeys this week to make top rnb album on the Billboard charts. After the Grammys Winehouse blasted up 22 spots and scanned 115,300 copies of Back to Black, taking the No. 2 spot on the album charts this week.
  • NEW YORK: back on reality tv. no not another "I Love NY," this time we hear it's ‘New York Loves Hollywood,’ a show following NY as she pursues a career in acting. She's featured in Nip Tuck and "First Sunday" so far.
  • MARIO: Continues to let the Voodoo family drain his career. Now Papa Knowles has that nikka on dancing with the stars. I thought you had an album coming out?
  • NEYO: arrested for drunk driving. why is this news? call me when that nikka gets arrested for soliciting men in the atl.
  • BRITNEY: Won rights to see her kids again with some stipulations. See news section for update.
  • JANET: is sex the only thing you know to talk about? that ish may have been cute back in 1959 when your first album came out but seriously, it's gross. And the whole 'i'm getting married' rumor that you're putting out there for cd buzz is not interesting either.
  • RIHANNA: Given the title by Prime Minister David Thompson at a tribute concert held in her honor last night. Also she benefits from the Grammys as her album climbs 11 spots this week to land at No. 35, and is certified platnum. Get mad haters.
  • KELIS: preps a greatest hits cd. Let's see..."I Hate You So Much Right Now," "Milkshake," and "Bossy." Since when do we make 3 song CDs? Get real b*tch.
  • SNOOP: sexual seduction made top 10 on hot 100 billboard charts and this week he was given a "desk-appearance ticket" outside a Manhattan nightclub for possession of weed, but was not arrested. Are we surprised?
  • JAY HOLLIDAY AND TREY SONGS: going on tour together. what are they doing bday gigs. cause i don't think they could fill clubs ups. i'm just saying ...
  • EX DC GIRL: In the continuous half assed trail of the Jlo blueprint, now wants executive producer credit for the film in which she plays Etta James. I'd make her spell it first.
  • NICOLE RICHIE: is hooking bff Paris Hilton up with her fiance Joel's brother. The brother, Bingi recently broke up with his girl and now STD Paris is on the case.

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