Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Russel Simmons' Hip Hop Honorees included Ciara, Snoop Dogg Jim Jones and Chris Lighty. Others came to congratulate

Ciara with Valeshia Butterfield
Snoop and Pharell
Ciara gives a speech after being honored
Dame Dash and Jim Jones
Dumb ass Whoo Kid and Wack ass uhm, girl from 106 n Park

Jim Jones trying to spit game to Ciara?
Ciara and popular songwriter Brian Michael Cox
Ciara and 50 cent's manager, Chris Lighty. Chris is also a fellow honoree.

B*tch you need to step away from LL. WTF at her fast azz leaning all on his chest. Clearly he hardly wants to touch her but she just keeps forcing herself on him. These young chicks are so disrespectful these days.
George Lucas came through with a sister. Get it George

And Chrissette Michelle came through with her sweaty behind

Record Executive Lyor cohen and budding star Tiffany Evans

Ci stunts on the red carpet

Honoree Snoop Dog and Mona Scott of Violator Management, manager to Missy Elliot


Anonymous said...

Honey you really need to stop hating on Ciara it's not good look. If LL didn't want to touch her he wouldn't have.lol And since when has taking a picture with someone disrespectful?SMH I swear the groupies ( that really think they have a chance with these male artists) really kill me, it's a shame.

Brit said...