Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Janet she was on lesbo Tyra show, as shown above demonstrating some foolery and killing the brain cells of the youth for an hour. This is to promote her new cd, which estimated first week sales is a little under 180,000. It comes in at #1 to Erica Badu's non promoted cd at #2 with 123,000 sold, however we've compiled a list of first week sales of the last album of the pop chicks in the game today to see how it really stacks up in today's female rnb market:
  1. Alicia Keys 750,000
  2. Mary J. Blidge 650,000
  3. Mariah Carey 550,000
  4. The Girl From Destiny's Child 430,000
  5. Ciara 340,000
  6. Keisha Cole 190,000
  7. JANET 180,000
  8. Rihanna 160,000

Clearly none of these chicks are seeing Miss Keys, the hottest on the market right now even though she doesn't stage photos for entertainment magazines and bloggers. As an old Camel once said 'Men lie, Women lie, Hype makes you think people are selling records....But the numbers don't.'

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Anonymous said...

dang the janet grease this early in the morning