Saturday, March 1, 2008


Sorry haters, she hasn't given up singing just yet. Ci visited Chicago to do some charity work with McDonalds by serving their new breakfast meal. Some of us just think she's trying to get sponsorship for her new tour as she makes it seem like she's doing more community service.

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Anonymous said...

CIARA IS SO PRETTY!!! So SWEET and down to EARTH!!! Love her little dance and I am SOOO JEALOUS LOL You were Right Stylz! LMAO OMG She is just so CUTE Love her hair! She is short I thought she was taller I guess TV does that to you and those 6 inch heels she be rocking. But Ciara wont ever stop gettin that paper!!! She is here to STAY 4EVA!!! The Queen of Dancing CIARA!!! And Crunk n B! Cant wait 4 new album!