Sunday, March 2, 2008


  • QUESTION OF THE WEEK: how come Diddy and JLO have twins but not with each other?
  • JLO: names twins Max and Emme, from PBS cartoon called "Dragon Tales" -- a kids show about a brother and sister named Max and Emmy who socialize with dragons. The show is made to help children learn life lessons though the sibling's adventures, and mixes in Spanish language to promote a bilingual experience for the audience. WTF? I hope this isn't one of those Britney/post baby crazy diseases.
  • AMY WINO: is being asked for first US televised interview by both Oprah and Larry King. Let's see who wins. In addition, she was hand-picked by Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi’s “design-meister” to perform at the Fendi Fashion show in Paris. Amy confessed she felt like a fish out of water.
  • MISCHA BARTON: to join the cast of Gossip Girl? Excuse me while I gag...Can't stand looking at that b*tch.
  • NAOMI: in hospital for a reason I'm sure we will never know. The lie they are telling to public is...I forget.
  • JANET: is talking sh*t about Madonna. Janet you are a hater plain and simple. That's why your a** is no longer relevant. Your cd may come in number 1 because noone else is coming out but the numbers will be lower than any other chick in the game. I can put money on it. We'll report the results next week.
  • LIL WAYNE: Back with nivea? nivea recently separated from singer/songwriter Dream and is said to be back with ex, Wayne. These b*tches have no sense whatsoeva
  • CIARA: Arrived at the Hip Hop Summit Dinner as an honoree, wearing the shortest mini ever, and almost showed her 'Britney' while exiting her Escalade. I guess she's not desparate for media attention. Inside, she read her speech off a Blackberry. "I'm short on sleep, so I'm not going to rely on this memory stick," the singer said, tapping the side of her head. Waving her phone, she exclaimed, "I'm going to use this one!"
  • 50 CENT: on NY radio Friday night with special guests. Especially interesting was the convo with FFloyd Maywheater talking about Keisha Cole. He made sure to add that 50 has a 'special Georgia Peach,' but we weren't suppose to hear that. LISTEN HERE
  • KANYE: lol at that nikka being denied at the Balienciaga show this week in Paris. He wasn't on the list but thought he was big enough to just show up. Think again homie.LMAO
  • CAMEL: said to be upset about the RIHANNA and GOOF BROWN supposed relationship. The excuse is that the publicity could affect her cross-genre marketability. I suppose he's merely an urban act and this relationship would only benefit GOOF. Or he misses the cattrap and is totally hating on the GOOF. He certainly never put this much effort into Memphis Bleek or Beanie Siegal.
  • RAVEN SIMONE: is executive producer of new movie with Martin Lawrence, College Road Trip.
  • NAS: rumor has it that he and Camel may create a cd together. UPDATE**Camel denied it
  • MJB: LOL @ her saying Oprah didn't like her before because she's a Nigga. MJB has also bowed down to the queen of rnb Ms. Whitney Houston, saying on her best day she can't be compared to Whitney. I concur.
  • SHYNE: May be released as early as this year for good behavior. Ha
  • TEETH EDMONDS: I hear is going back and forth with her ex's beau, Johnny Gill. PS position on this argument is that the b*tch should not have been with that man knowing he was on the down low anyway. Therefore, whateva you have to say, we don't give a wha...
  • CHERI DENNIS: A writer/singer on bad boy finally got to release her album this week. Too bad it not only sucks but it will flop as well
  • WHOOPI: Why was she crying and carrying on because they didn't mention her in a montage for Oscar hosts at the show this week? No wonder why people don't want a b*tch president.
  • FASHION WEEK WRAP UP: Stand outs were Marc Jacob with his show which went backwards; first introducing himself then all the models and then individually. Models clothes looked like they were worn on the wrong side most times. Vera Wang highlighted the clothes and not the show with clean concise dresses as she is known for. Thakoon is the newcomer who brought us a lot of casuals, in addition to his floral patterns. He loves the masculine/feminine woman, so his clothes had that appeal. His line included evening dresses with voluminuous bottoms.
  • KELLY SNOOZELAND: rumored to be posing for playboy. This is to coincide with the digital release of her snoozefest of an album.
  • LUDACRIS: said to have dropped several artists from DTP including Bobby Valentino.
  • JUVENILE: 17-year-old boy charged with killing his mother, who was a local sheriff's deputy, and his two small sisters. One of those little girls was the daughter of rapper Juvenile.
  • GOLDDIGGING ENDMONDS: has now hooked up with celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito
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Anonymous said...

Janet did not talk bad about Madonna - I initially liked your blog, but if you got this wrong, how much of your other info you have incorrect. Check your source more carefully. You a "hater".