Tuesday, March 11, 2008


  • MORE OBAMA SUPPORT: Jay Z and Russel Simmons apparently made audio endorsements for Obama, which played in Ohio. Clearly this is why he lost. Or because of his NAFTA scam. Either way, somebody fooled these nikkas into thinking that because they make money their endorsements holds any water beyond New York city, not even the state. NY has already spoken and seeing as how they voted for the enemy I suggest you stick to what you know best, female bashing rap music.
  • HILLARY SUPPORT: Kimora, Eva Longoria & America Farara are riding with the HBIC. Clearly they are racist.
  • STAR JONES: to divorce gay AL
  • CIARA: A PS source spoke to Ciara's agent and reports that Ciara has NO plans to film a video for a Janet song. Thank goodness I wasn't holding my breath
  • MARY: Can we get a video for "Work That." Like Today. Don't drop the ball on this album.
  • THE GAME: cancelled? It has not received a renewal. However, a new show coming to CW is "Filthy Rich Girls." Based on a book (just as in the case with Gossip Girl) which revolves around a young woman who's fired from her job as the assistant at a glossy tabloid mag. She's then hired to serve as a live-in tutor and life coach for the teen granddaughters of a cosmetics magnate. The show's lead must win over the girls while navigating Palm Beach's high society and dealing with her own personal issues.
  • WHITNEY: Offered 3 million for a charity gig. She's still got it
  • LLOYD AND WAYNE: Best of Both Worlds Album. Hence the Questions, which world are they from? Not the one I live in.
  • RUMOR CONTROL: Kate Hudson's brother says she is not preggers
  • FOOTBALL: Randy Moss renews contract and Bret Favre finally retires
  • HOGANS: Broken up because Hulk was smashing his daughter's 33 year old friend.
  • KELLY BUTTKISSLAND: New digital rerelease will be called "Diva Deluxe"
  • RITA MARLEY: Per Dr. Drew report, only wants Lauryn Hill to play her in movie.
  • PARIS HILTON: Rumored to be engaged to Bengi, the brother of Nicole's fiancee.
  • HALLE BERRY: Has a new perfume line coming out. What took her so long?
  • FLO-RIDA: sets record with 10 weeks atop Billboard's singles chart.
  • LIL KIM: A philly female DJ has a detailed description of a sexual encounter with Kim.
  • OPRAH: Give away show was top rated on ABC.

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