Sunday, March 16, 2008


  1. TOCARRA: Shows her ass on TV by going off on trainers on reality show Celebrity Fit Club. That's a pisces at her limit. SEE IT HERE
  2. JAY Z: We hear can't sell concert tickets in the UK. Did we not say dude is a NY and urban celebrity. He's not an international superstar so stop hyping it.
  3. LEONA: The bootleg mariah carey from the uk will be on oprah this month.
  4. SNOOP: Says he likes darkskinned women. dude your wife is dark skin, offcourse you'll say that.
  5. JANET: Is not taking this flop easy. With confirmation that there is no new Feedback video it falls hard on the charts, "Rock Wit U" disappears, and even the single "Luv" falls hard.
  6. MARIAH: Replaced janet on snl since janet was supposedly sick **more like sick from her record sales.** This will be Mariah's first appearance on the show
  7. DIDDY: To launch car service for drunk celebrities
  8. KIMORA: Says she's not preggers. whateva. That must be an ape in your belly then.
  9. NEYO: Finally gets to perform for fans after the RKelly fiasco. He will join Alicia Keys as supporting act on tour.
  10. MODANNA: New spokesperson for Sunsilk shampoo. However there are still rumors of a split with hubby Guy Ritchie in the coming year.
  11. THE WIRE: Is finally complete. I won't spoil it but I was a lil dissapointed in how it all unfolded. Hopefully there's a movie.
  12. SPOTTED: Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton working on some project while having lunch

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