Tuesday, March 4, 2008


One of my favorite bloggers, Gyant from SOHH Atlanta gives his reasons why so called independent women have no men. If you have issues with this, please address that with him.

  1. Your Fault Your Salary - No one likes to hear how much better than them you are. Constantly telling him how much more you make than him is not something a man wants to deal with, a man needs to feel superior, and as much as we love pimps and players no good man wants to be a women’s Ken doll.

  2. You Think You’re Too Good To Go Down - Something about status and a title makes females think they no longer have to do the nasty things men love. Lighten up. It’s this fact alone which will have even the best man creeping to your best friend with no job and 5 kids.

  3. Cant No Man Do Anything For Me - Whether you’re rolling in the financial dough or not, men like to be the providers. And if you don’t allow your man to do things for you, and at least act like he wears the pants in the relationship you’ll never be able to keep one.

  4. She Cares About Her Career More Than Him - Too much overtime leaves the penis under attended and it will stray. This kicks in the “Other” brain. We all know men have two heads.

  5. You’re Not My Daddy - Honestly we don’t want to be your daddy either unless it’s in the bedroom when you have your ankles on your earlobes and screaming like banshee. Men don’t like to hear complaining. We’ll work and do the best we can to provide and if you make more than us we don’t need to hear about it all day and all night.

  6. There Is A Stick In Her Ass - Money tends to change people, so when she used to like General Tao’s Chicken from the local Chinese spot she now likes Sushi and Lobster tails. Nothing is wrong w/ ordering take out ever now and then from the Chinese restaurant with the bullet proof glass, standard plates of food on the walls and giant picture of the Great Wall of China.

  7. She Cheap Like A… Well I won’t say it but it rhymes with YOU. She won’t let you buy the new pair of custom made Kanye Kicks but she drops a rent check on the new Loubintons.

  8. She’s Not Giving It Up - Chances are she’s so focused on her career that hooking up for a date is damn near impossible and let alone sex. Sometime we just want to do the do and if we got to show up at your office in some tennis shoes and a belt we will be there dangling in the wind.

  9. Too Many Demands - She has too many demands on what she is looking for in a man. He has to drive something better than her, he has to make more money than her, he has to have soft hair and a nose that not wider than his lips. Love doesn’t love anybody and it’s blind as hell. Sometimes you can find love in the most unlikely places.

  10. She’s Spoiled - Her parents did everything for her, and now you damn near have to sleep w/ her mother in order to seal the relationship.


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