Wednesday, March 19, 2008


In her interview with Ryan Seacrest yesterday she said the following:

• She was nervous during the live performance of "Touch My Body" at Saturday Night Live and wasn't pleased with it. ***i agree**She said she usually hates doing songs live for the first time because it's hard to get into them that way and that she will send Perez the real version of the song **don't bother**

• She finished sequencing the album last night in L.A. Reid's office. She misses working with Randy Jackson, whom she says is a great musician and a great guy.

• She will be on American Idol three times: April 9th (Idol Gives Back), April 15th (mentoring the contestants) and April 16th (performance).

• "Migrate" will not be the second single from the album, but rather a ballad. Tour in September

• There is absolutely no drama between her and Madonna **stop lying you and janet hate on the queen of pop**

Curtesy of listener on ATRL

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