Thursday, March 20, 2008



Well they did a countdown, a dance countdown…They put me at number 25 which was the last number on the list. And I just was like wow, like I put in a lot of hard work to do what I do. I rather not be the one to toot my horn like I am this, I am number one and I am whatever. But you know that was definitely crazy to me.

I love Diddy, I think he was right before me and I mentioned that he was somebody I remember was in a lower number and I’m like, “Diddy has his hop.” He has his hop that he does and he rocks, I love it because I do it sometimes too…but what is your definition of dancing? And I guess maybe they have their own way of defining it and it was just other people that were in different places. But I’m like “Okay I get number 25,” but I kept it moving. I did ask them what the 25 was about.


My judgment on dancing, I judge it to the core of what I feel is true dancing. I think what it was for them is there is a difference in entertaining and dancing. One of the ultimate entertainers is Michael Jackson and Prince; I think he’s on fire. He is one I think he may not do many dance moves, but you’re going to be locked in watching his show from the beginning to the end and if he does any move, you love it.

There’s a difference between entertainment and dancing to me, and if you’re going to judge dancing on its own, I would pick a street dancer or an artist that rocks all the way day in the streets. But one person I don’t know if they know but I think they’re aware of…is on fire when it comes to the moves, that are raw (and when I say raw, I mean hardcore), is Omarion. He is on fire with the moves; I’m not going to front. He’s clean with his moves when he does it. There’s a difference when you can get crazy and get raw and rowdy, but Omarion gets it cracking.

One person that also dances like fluid moves through him is Usher. Usher is on fire. I think once he gets a routine, he’s going to lock it in and make it look like nothing else. He’s to me for our generation, when it comes to male singer; he’s the one that really knows how to combine the two, dancing and singing. He is at this day and age, a true entertainer. He has it all to me.

.....[FOR WOMEN] I think it’s very obvious, and it’s funny because people compare us a lot. But I think Janet, to me, is one of the women that really, puts her foot in her performance and she really knows how to do both together. So she is a true entertainer.

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