Thursday, March 6, 2008

RAP BEEF QUOTE: Fat Joe v. Papose

"Who gives 50 the authority to be the king of rappers. I don't understand how this dude can insult Puffy, Jay Z, Lil Kim, Jadakiss, Ja Rule, Cameron, Wayne and Nas, and all of them take it on the chin and bow to him like he's some gangsta. He's mad cause I won't ever back down. Where I come from he's a victim. The guy that shot him is still in the clubs. I don't see him in the streets, he's on the internet talking sh*t. ...I want a one on one fight with him. Even if I lose I get some shots to the jaw, I'm happy. Since he's all steroid out, he should beat me right? I'm a man of respect and I don't disrespect nobody. He's the only one I have a problem with. The loudest mouth dude in America. That's okay every dog has his day. It's called Karma."

“50 got an office right across the street from Madison Square Garden. This dude knows where 50 Cent is at on a constant basis. Why didn’t he go over to 50's office and ask him if he had a problem? What makes him think he can come over to me like that and he’s not gonna get punched in his mouth like he did?"

50 has decided to release a mixtape which can be downloaded on March 11 on his website entitled "The Elephant in the Sand." This is an apparent rip on Fat Joe's new album "The Elephant in the Room" which comes out on the same day. He is such a clown.

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