Tuesday, May 20, 2008


1. Name Branding
From the shoes: the gals have made Monolo's a household name as they flaunt up and down the streets on NY in them. It's not a good look when chickenheads do it and bust their azzzes though.

To Cosmos: It has become the drink of the city girl. Plus it has a cool name and can also be referenced to the magazine.

To Phrases: "He's Just Not That Into You" went from being a catch phrase to the title of a best selling book. The book's 'genius' theory was that if a guy doesn't seem interested, he isn't. Continuing the notion that women will fall for anything when it comes to finding a man. After all that, Carrie ends up with Mr. Big....the man who cheated on her, then married another woman, and continued to string her along. That's what I call inspiring the youth.

The Brazillian: come on, who really thought of going through that torture before Samantha did it?

2. The Brunching
Where all the gossip goes down. The girls get together and let it all hang out. And then gossip behind each other's back later.

3. The Nicknames
The most infamous being "Mr. Big." It inspires all gals to sum up our dates by characteristics. Do we even know Mr. Big's real name?

4. Label whorishness
It's nothing like buying designer items you can't afford. Yes they still live in apartments while in their late 30s/ early 40s and wear clothes that cost a year's rent.....we love it though.

5. Theme of Singledom Power
The show inspires girlfriends to cherish their pact. Be proud of being single. While the girls main quest in life is finding a man. And after 30 minutes you're in your bed.....alone.

6. A Profession Multiplied
Candace Bushnell, the auther of "Sex In The City" now has every jobless middleaged woman thinking they can find a profession in writing columns.

7. Snobbishness

Who can forget Miranda totally dogging Brooklyn when she had to move there. And how come the girls never took the subway. And don't mention going outside of NYC....Even though thier audience probably live in all those places, we love them anyway.

8. Your Real Friends

The hidden lesson in the show is that at the end of the day, your girlfriends abandon you when they get married, like Charlotte; they lose touch with reality when they have kids like Miranda; they get so man crazy that they really don't care about WTF you're saying like Samantha; and they judge and think they are any better like Carrie. But your true friends....are the gays. For instance.....Stanford: gay. Anthony: gayer.

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