Monday, May 19, 2008

ALBUM REVIEW: Usher "Here I Stand"

To sum it all, this is a sexy album. Lots of sexy mid tempos. I hear some standouts from the Dream/Trickey influence. His next single 'moving mountains' is kind of blah and is shocking why he would pick that instead of standouts like "Trading Places," "Something special," "Love you Gently," "Before i Met You," and "Lifetime." Lyrics range from 'I want to leave her' to 'love in this club' to ' i was running around like a fool now I'm glad I found you' so it doesn't really give too much insight into his relationship with the cougar. The album is long, with 19 songs, which are mostly solid. Off course there are interludes with the "Prey For You" interlude with his son being the most touching. But once you think of who the mom is you get over it.

Surprisingly, I didn't hear much of JD. I didn't read the credits so maybe he changed his trademark sound. I thought I could tell a JD production a mile away...maybe not. The In the Club Part II is on there, which I think is crap and extended remix with Jason Nevins is the most uptempo joint he has on the album.

In all PS gives this album an A-, and recommend you cop it May 27th.

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