Sunday, May 18, 2008


They are on some straight bullsh*t. HTF is Jay Z the 2nd hottest. Because he creates publicity stunts? Dude can barely push 1 mil and he has no mixtapes out. Give me a break. Noone is checking for Jay Z musically. And Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross over 50? If they can make the list so can Souiljah boy. Don't like him but he is the definition of Hot to the kids right now. 50 is king of the mixtape game right now and he's the 2nd best selling rapper in the US. And Kanye hasn't been hot since he debuted at #1. Who is that albino talking ish when he knows nothing about hip hop. Whateva.

MTV's List of Hottest Emcees Today
1 Kanye
2 Jay-Z
3 Weezy
4 rick ross
5 Snoop Dog
6 50 Cent
7 lupe fiasco
8 Young Jeezy
9 Andre 3000
10 T.I

PS List of Hottest Emcees Today
1 Weezy
2 Kanye
3 Young Jeezy
4 50 Cent
5 T.I
6 Snoop Dogg
7 Luda
8 Jay Z
9 Rick Ross
10 Souljah Boy

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