Thursday, May 29, 2008


Lip the ef singing on Moving Mountains. Usher has never been on key with highnotes that consistenly throughout a whole song live so lets stop playing. Okay I said in my review I didn't like the song. Nothing wrong with the song but it's a clear rip off of UK by way of Nigeria artist Taio Cruz's songs. I've featured Taio's music on the site...go learn about him...Now the second song is live

Urgh he gets on my nerves thinking he's sumin he's so grown and over his fans head or sumin. Still miming on "Yeah" ...nikka you ain't slick. Shout out to Jamaica Craft on Choreography...luv her. I see she's recycling Usher/Ciara dance moves and dancers now (yt girl Larky be killin it.) but it's all good.

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