Friday, May 30, 2008


Shaniqua...50's baby momma burned down the house that he kicked her out of. Ordinarily this would be classified as 'a bad b*tch' behavior, which is a plus. In this case however, it's a donkey making a donkey move. How suspicious is the whole thing...and does she really think this will help her get paid. This just means he doesn't have to worry about selling and he can just collect the insurance.

Once again....DONKEY OF THE YEAR!!!!
Updated statement from 50's camp:
“Informed this morning while filming a new motion picture on location in Louisiana, Curtis Jackson expressed deep concern over this fire at his property. He is extremely thankful that everyone including his son, Marquise, escaped the burning house safely. He is confident that authorities will be conducting a thorough investigation of the incident and is eager to review their findings.”

Donkey says: she says she heard someone break in around 4am but the fire didn't start till 5am...And she thinks fif wants her...and if he can't have her noone can.

b*tch look at you. are you kidding me. STFU you talking too much. from now on your name is 'he haw'....hoodrat

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