Sunday, June 1, 2008


Kimbo (black dude)from Miami/Bahamas = best street fighter right now. He just got signed to fight professionally but doesn't really have the skill although better on the ground than I thought he would be. They found him on youtube postings of his street fights.

Yt dude came in with some nasty swelling in his ear allready. He had Kimbo (black dude) ready to pass out, then Kimbo punches his freakin ear and it starts bleeding and looks worse than it is. Not to say ref was cheating but when dude had Kimbo on the floor in the previous round and Kimbo did nothing for 1 minute...some refs would have called that too.

I think they are trying to make the sport big and make Kimbo the face of the sport so they helped him out a bit here. For a guy who didn't stand a chance he certainly give Kimbo a run for his money.

As big and bad...I think a technically skilled mix martial arts fighter can take him. I look forward to see what happens.

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