Sunday, June 1, 2008


TRICK DADDY: signs to cash money
KAT WILLIAMS: cousin suspected of murder
KANYE: sued again for jacking someone's beats
LIL HIM: to release mixtape next month
KRS ONE AND DJ PREMIERE: headline bk festival
50 CENT: associate arrested at CN mansion for spanking woman with belt.
TI: reality show about or before going to jail on mtv
RAY J: booted from hotel for having drugs. and he hangs with whitney?
CLAY AIKEN: to be a daddy? Momma, a friend, artificially inseminated.
BEVERLY HILLS COP 4: Say it ain't really please say it ain't so
BUSTA: another bodyguard shot. Maybe that's not the best gig
USHER: new face of sony walkman phone...whateva
CHARLIE SHEEN: remarries

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