Thursday, June 5, 2008


Lloyd f/ Weezy "All Around the World." Love this song. Love the affects in the video...Hype Williams you did it again baby. It's the high budget version of Snoop's sensual seduction. Love how Weezy kept his delivery similar to how I think it was Rakim did the original (clearly this is a sample). Shout out to Jasper (ciara's writing partner) in the video. He must have done this song. Very Nice.

I don't's Amy's back to black meets Andre 3000's hey yah meets Kelis' kelidiscope meets lauryn hills doo wop meets something from imani coppola meets jlo's waiting for tonight meets her sistah's work it out meets some of the nonsense from dreamgirls.. videos.

The excuse for the jacking is that the video is suppose to be about pop culture videos from the ’60s to the future.

I'm starting to like Solange...she has an ounce more personality and genuineness than Beyonce.

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