Thursday, November 20, 2008



Blogs are speculating as to why the push back. Some are hating and making up ish, others have true contacts and are getting more pertinant info. Gyant from SOHH spoke to a Jive rep who says Ciara is pretty much recording a new album from scratch. It will not include the so called 'buzz single' go girl either. It may even have a new title and concept. My speculations below could still be the reason and this seems to be a good idea. This way her old team can't spoil anything by leaking songs because the whole process will be start and finish with her current team and management.

Regardless my own sources say they almost gaurantee she will release the album spring 2009 if not sooner.

My sentiments below remain the same on this matter.

Who does this bish think she is, Lil Wayne?

This album was originally due in June 2008, then they said September 2008, then they said November 2008, then they said December 2008, then they said first quarter 2009, now I'm hearing Spring 2009. This makes it one year since it was originally suppose to release and over 2 years since her last album. The reasons are numerous:

1. Some songs are now over a year old
2. Since she dropped her last management about 10 songs from her album has leaked. Coincidence? So far I've heard high price, work, supernatural, xplode, lover's thing, keep dancing (can all be searched on youtube). The label sent Ciara back in the studio for the next 3 months to revamp so that it's not a bunch of old leaked songs.
3. The single, which the label is now calling a buzz single "Go Girl" peaked at a modest No. 78 on the all important Hot 100, although it fared a little better on the urban charts. Not the standard of her previous top 10 across the board singles.
4. All the people who were suppose to come out in December also pushed back to the top of 2009 including 50 cent, and Eminem, which defeats the purpose being the only hot shot debuting.
5. Her label is currently focused on the Britney project.

Well she can now prepare for some blog hate and doubts. We all know what happened to Mya and Nivea...they got pushed back indefinately. But I'm sure Ci has more weight than that. Personally, I suppose it's not the end of the world but next time I suggest she and her label keep their mouths shut before saying they are going to come out with something they are not 100% ready to push regardless....

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