Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The reunion show was entertaining but thumbs down to Bravo for chopping the shopping to show up so much that it was obvious and confusing at times. It looked like Nene and Lisa went from calm to infuriated in a matter of seconds with no cause. And we all know that's not true. Plus they edited Lisa's confrontation with

DeShawn is a bore as far as I'm concerned. And a ditz. To be faid, that's how she comes across.

Lisa is showing her true colors these days. The editors were in her favor throughout the show but clearly there's more to her than just a female hustler with great looks and no drama. Nene needs to look at her with one eyebrow raised because I don't trust her.

Nene, the crowd favorite could have conducted herself with a bit more class. But I guess that's why we love her. The springer moments were uncalled for. But she needs her own show along with her gay divo.

Kim is a sad sad case. She clearly has low self esteem and is a complete follower. The cancer breakdown was just an all time low. So do you have cancer or not? Why even bring it up then? ***shakes my head**

Sheree or shall I say "Hereee" is the best example of a wannabe I've seen in years. Yes you can be dignified and have class but we've seen you at work and a classy lady you are not. She tries way to hard, and I can see right through her.

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