Friday, November 21, 2008


New Ryan Leslie f/ Fab. Love the song. Video review to come...

Contender for best video of the year Solange "Tony." The song was okay but I didn't feel the authenticity until this video. Yes it still jacks Amy Whinehouse rehab video with all the band members on the stoop and the simplicity....but it has it's own very clever spin. A clear take on her personal life. An honest depiction of love gone bad and the aftermath..... I may start liking Solange again. BRILLIANT VIDEO

Robin Thicke - The Sweetest Love. This is just beautiful. SHouts to Robin for reppin more black women than all the rappers on TV

Is this a video or a cigar ad? She looks beautiful but I can't stand to see this girl move. She just needs to stand/sit/lay there. Timberfake wrote this and is the leading man in the video. She should have just had Chris in this. The stills showed more chemistry. In all, the video is okay. I expected more flame and chemistry.

Jeezy "Crazy World" Review to come

Mya "Paradise" for album coming out in Japan only December 2nd.....HOT AZZ MESS

ColdPlay f/ Jay Z "Lost" Review to Come

John Legend "Knows Best" Review to come

Keri Hilson "Turning Me On." Cute

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