Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Camp Knowles is in overdrive this month to get people to buy Beyonce's LP. She is currently overseas performing the heck out of her singles. She has also done various magazine and newspaper covers.

At the WMA's she did both Like a Boy and Single Ladies. The performance was anticlimactic. For Like a Boy, I don't like the song anyway so I barely watched. I'm sure her vocals were on point outside of forgetting the words. This happens when you don't write the song even though you take credit. For Single Ladies, which has been growing on my lately, I'm not sure if it's the atrocious hair, tacky outfit, the shake and jive I've seen a million times before, or the band arrangement of Single Ladies but that was a hot mess. But she has lots of energy. And I'd still rather see her shake her azz (no homo) than pon da forehead stiff it up on stage any day.

She should have lipped that joint and got it crackin like one of her gays did HERE

And now for the magazine. I hear she says she met Jay z at 18 and they started dating at 19 but it was she who didn't want to get married until she was at least 25 that way she can get to know herself or some bullish. Uhm you marry the the man you met at 18 (he must have been what then 33) and you think because you didn't get married till 25 that means you found yourself? Just look pretty.

Bey does a quick session q&a in the UK

Head Over To Beyonce Official Myspace Page To Hear The WORLDWIDE Premiere Of Her Latest LP "I Am Sasha Fierce" Standard & Deluxe Edition

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