Monday, November 17, 2008


The Commercial

A Skit featuring Timberfake because he's needed to make it funny.

Bey is determined to show personality this go round huh? And Timberfake was actually funny. It could have used more of him.

Timberfake explains why he's there...besides the fact that otherwise the audience wouldn't be interested in either guests this week.

In other news, Justin Timberlake is being sued by a busboy from the restaurant that he has ownership in, Southern Comfort. Felipe Ramales says that the Manhattan barbecue joint didn’t pay him legal wages.

This performance of SL was much better than the last. The jerking and jiving was more controlled. And she mastered where to sing and not sing.

Bey shows off her boobs in the Like A Boy performance.

It's a shame how Britney will blow all these bishes out the water in sales with half the promotion.

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