Friday, November 7, 2008


ATLiens Electrik Red f/ The Dream "Drank In My Cup." Written by ATL's finest Ciara and the Dream. The 4 members may look familiar as dancers for Ciara during her 2nd album even though they were signed to a record deal. They were featured in her promise and like a boy videos. The girls are currently signed under Ciara's UDA talent agency. Ci stay getting the checks either way. But I like the video way more than the song. It's in that 'party like a rockstar' lane.

Kanye "Heartless" Animated. Can't say this is my thing but he's creative.

50 "Get Up"...this is a play off that Will Smith movie where he's the only person on earth. Nice. Good it's not a regular rap video. The video is good the song has to grow on me.

Akon "Right Now." review to come

Souljah Boy "Bird Walk." A complete waste.

Enrique f/ Sean Garrett "Away." Nice song and video. I could have done without Sean though.

Jim Jones "Pop Champagne" to come

One More Drink" f/ tpain and appearance by Kat Williams. Is The Fourth Single Off Ludacris' Upcoming Album, Theater Of The Mind...I'm not big on the song but the video is unique so I say........Good Video

Jada f/ Neyo "By My Side"...Jada is really going at crossover this time. It usually works for him. This song seems like an attempt at the success of 'Make Me Better' (but it doesn't give me that feeling). The video is okay but wtf at the random yt chick edited in and out dancing? It gets an okay.

Big Bang "Sunset Glow" to come

Scooter Smiff premiered his new music video for “Head Of My Class” F/ Chris Brown. Review to come...

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