Wednesday, December 31, 2008


1. Shaniqua Tomkins...Rapper 50 cent's baby mama, Shaniqua, takes him to court which results in her getting less than what 50 was giving her w/o a cout order.

2. OJ Simpson....American football legend is found not guilty of murder of his ex wife years ago. With backlash from the public, he dares to threaten somone over items that were stolen from him which resulted in jail time.

3. Governor Blagovich of Illinois....Openly tries to sell Senate seat after it became vacant.

4. Plaxico Burress....American football player proves that there is a percentage of prof. players who get college degrees merely because they can play ball. This year Plaxico Burress turned himself in to police Monday after accidentally shooting himself.

5. Sarah Palin....Was on the losing team to become VP of the US, but she makes our list for becoming the country's joke after interviews showcasing her lack of any knowledge that would qualify her for such an office.

6. George Bush...Where should we start....They threw shoes at him for chirst sake.

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