Wednesday, December 17, 2008


These bamas are a hot mess. So the 2 did the red carpet (off course not together). They hit up Mr. Chows for dinner with 50 exiting the front and Ci exiting the back. **shakes my head** Could this be a step towards them coming out. Hope so.

This chick looks different everytime I see her. One day she looks like Wanda Sykes, the next day like MC Lyte, other days like a regular round a way girl, later that month like a high fashion model, and today....of asian descent. She has way too much 'natural' makeup on but I like the pants.

The lady on the left is 50's stylist, on the right is 50's manager and the big dude in the yellow is their bodyguard. How are they going to explain this...

pics curtesy of sc

Not too far behind.......
50 steps out looking hawt in his lil suit. Although I'm not sure about the color scheme. Uh that man is hot.

There's that bodyguard...

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