Sunday, December 28, 2008


Clearl;y Ci don't give a wha...cause she know the hate gone come by "covering" Beyonce's "Diva." Good job at getting the haters worked up Ci. The jawn is nice. B's vocals kills but Ci's flow, especially in the 2nd verse is fire. It's cute and she gave B her props.

“I know you know about that diva diva named B. While I’m at it, I’mma tell ya ’bout this diva named C,” Ciara sings over the female hustler’s anthem.

So now that we know the song wasn't to go at B, after a close listen she clearly addresses haters who try to put out negative rumors about her not owning her car and getting her car taken away by 5th. Okay so I must admit I may have furthered those rumors but Ci makes it clear she makes her own money and buys her own cars.

Fantasy Ride mixtape and mainstream cd coming soon.

New official 1st Single "Never, Ever" coming January 5th.

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