Wednesday, December 10, 2008


pic by ybf
The short video our source told us about (below). Since her multi album conceptual theme was jacked by someone else Ci being the always innovative chick she is have come up with something different. Ciara is working on a "Fantasy Ride" comic book inspired lyric/album art book to go along with the theme of her cd. Bernard Chang, who is also doing the art for "Wonder Woman" is on the job. Thanks to Walid Azami for the scoop.

Source says:
Was a good day to get back to normal life again. Just finished a quick video promo for Ciara. She’s got a hot new album coming out and while some media outlets say what they want about the release date of the album, this video will give her side. The clip, while short does give fans an inside view of the illustrations of her new project. Ciara was filmed in Atlanta and LA, this one is at the studio of Bernard Chang (a VERY talented artist and great guy).

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