Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HOPEFULLY THEY GET THE MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few hits does not translate into box office success. Jlo may have made it look easy but guess what......bish you ain't her.

Cadillac Records grossed $3 million dollars not even impacting the top 5 movies of the week. For some reason, someone thought things had changed since her last flop in "The Fighting Temptations." Heck the chick hasn't topped the sales of her first album. Maybe it's because of all the endorsements Matthew has muscled for her. Yes muscle, the same muscling that actually has people believing that this broad should get an Oscar nod...for acting? Or maybe it was because of Dreamgirls but they failed to take into account the following from the play and the ensembled cast.

Since the bish can't bring the star power you thought, why not cast a "real" black actress. Or if you will give it to a musician, give it to someone who will actually honor the role and is the best of all who auditioned. Not just because they forked over some money. Not just someone who sees an acting consultant for a few weeks. We know Diana, Frank, Cher and Barbara (hell even Brandy) grinded for their acting cred..and they were actually good. Find a singer willing to do that.

To add to the abonination that is playing someone like Etta James, the bish wants to portray Eartha Kitt and "Wonder Woman."

I'm sure Hollywood will see the light. If that means less black films, so be it. I refuse to be subjected to this mindless booty shaker in a role just because...in the name of it being a 'black film.'

...And this applies to you too Ciara and Alicia Keys.

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