Thursday, December 18, 2008

JORDAN SPARKS LEAVES MANAGEMENT....and remains a virgin while doing so

The American Idol finalists are on the move! Kristy Lee Cook and Blake Lewis made record label moves and now season six American Idol champion, Jordin Sparks is doing it to. “Jordin and 19 Management are parting ways,” Jordin Sparks’ mom Jodi wrote this month on her daughter’s MySpace blog. “It is a mutual decision and we are looking forward to the future!”

Jordin Sparks has only been with 19 Records/Jive records since May of 2007 and only released one record with the label.

Jordin Sparks’ mother wrote on the blog that Jordin is working on her second album. “Jordin (is) writing and recording starting in January,” wrote Jodi on the MySpace blog. “Hopefully new album out by summer. Expect more upbeat dance tunes!”

Why does everyone want to make dance music all of a sudden. Stay in ya lane snitches.

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