Friday, January 30, 2009


Jazmin Sullivan "Lions Tigers and bears." I enjoyed this but I must say all she did was stand in front of a green screen. The graphics and what not is nice though. Whoever does that stuff gets all the credit. There's a lil acting in there which is nice. I love the song though.

Unstoppable f/ Lil Wayne

I usually don't entertain C listers unless they are underrated. It's a slow day bc this bish is not only below a C lister...her video is a boring, rihanna biting, wanna be a diva, mess.

Farrah, from the 2nd set of DC who was booted out is back with a new group. Introducing Pheenx. They sound hot. I heard a few more songs and I must say I'm not turning away just yet. We'll see.

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