Tuesday, January 20, 2009


1. The Family I love. Seeing them go through the process was just amazing.
2. The inauguration itself was overwhelming. I was moved to tears.
3. Aretha is just legendary
4. The crowd was crazy. So many people turning out just to be in the atmosphere of history
5. Love the parade and how the Obamas got out and show faced. Proving that 'we ain't scared.'

1. Michelle's outfit...a travesty. And for negroes to claim she has style is just ridiculous.
2. Celebs looking for photoop just gets on my nerves
3. John Roberts wtf @ that mishap in the oath
4. What is Obama's infatuation with Lincoln. Yes he was good but this is threading on worshiping.
5. That was a Benediction? Negro Please sit down.

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