Friday, January 30, 2009


Patrick McDermott vanished during a fishing trip in San Pedro, California, in 2005, leaving behind his passport, wallet and keys. The 48-year-old was initially thought to have fallen overboard, but his body was never recovered.

On a special last week, investigators (who believe he's still alive due to numerous sighting reports) went to mexico to see if they could find him but could not. They believe he is on a boat sailing along the Mexico coastline between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco.

Investigators are convinced that the former cameraman faked his own death to escape mounting debts and to enable his teenage son, Chance, to receive a $100,000 insurance payout. Mr McDermott had filed for bankruptcy and fallen behind on child support payments.

He dated Miss Newton-John, the star of Grease, for nine years after meeting her on the set of a television advert, although their relationship was said to be in trouble in the months before he vanished.

She described his disappearance as "heartbreaking" and said: "We miss him. We love him. We're still kind of praying there's a chance he'll come back.

Clearly she didn't get the memo that dude was using her.

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