Wednesday, February 25, 2009


"I thought that was something you could use for humor, like any other comedian would utilize current events to put into their actual [presentation], being humorous a little bit," 50 explained while promoting his new video game, "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand," which hit stores Today. "I put [reference to the incident] in a 'Pimpin' Curly' (+ Cartoon Here) skit a little bit. From the perspective of the character, I mentioned it."
50 says those comedic references were made prior to TMZ posting a photograph of a badly beaten Rihanna. He immediately changed his mind about making light of the situation.

"After I saw the photograph, that wasn't funny anymore," 50 said. "I didn't have any information on it. You're just going on what the public actually had. It shifts the whole thing. Even if you're saying you're in a dysfunctional relationship, I understand that. There's a point when you're already past a woman fighting you back. You look at [the picture], and it's obviously past that point. There's some issues there that definitely gotta be addressed. Not to take any shots at Chris or Rihanna or take sides in any way, [but] it's really not cool. It's not funny anymore, so there will definitely be no more reference to that from me in any way."

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