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Dawn Angeliqué Richard (born August 5, 1983) is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Richard began performing with a local New Orleans group called "Realiti," before going solo as "Dawn Angeliqué." Although her solo album "Been a While" did not chart, it allowed her an opening act gig for Anthony Hamilton. After touring, she focused on dance, becoming an NBA dancer for the New Orleans Hornets while in school.

Her big break came in 2005 when she auditioned and secured a spot in the 5 member girl group Danity Kane, created by Hip Hop mogul Puff "P Diddy" Combs. Dawn, along with Aubrey O'Day, Aundrea Fimbres, Wanita Woodgette (now known as "D. Woods"), and Shannon Bex collectively known as Danity Kane released 2 successful albums and 1 headlining tour.

Amidst rumors of a breakup and solo star ambition, Dawn talked to PS about the current state of the group and her upcoming projects.

PS: What's your current status with Danity Kane

As of right now I don't know...however I am always supportive of everyone..

Was there any truth to Diddy giving you special treatment?

Puff doesn't give people special treatment...that's not in his character..anyone who knows him knows that..puff is a business is the only this that he

Do you regret not telling the girls about the sessions you were having for Diddy, however innocent?

I didn't have sessions with puff without the girls knowing...[laughs]

Do you understand how they might feel slighted when they hear things and then you're in some country doing Keisha's part to a song in concert?

[laughs]...I supported everyone in their individual endeavors... And never felt slighted because I did everything I was supposed to for dk..I have always been loyal to our brand..I was asked to sing a song for puff, I did it...that was it...I heard a lot of things too...and they were true..but I still supported..I think its interesting that people have this perception of what was really going on..its so far from reality..

Would you have done anything different?

No, cause I didn't do anything wrong

Did you intend to be DK forever, or do you think deep down you were all solo acts using DK as a stepping stone?

I always wanted to be apart of dk

Have you talked to any of the girls?

I've talked to aundrea a while ago

Do you still keep in contact with any of the girls?

No, but I wish them well and hope they have success in whatever they do

Where do you live when you're not taping the show? Are you still in Baltimore?


Before DK, how were you trying to get into the industry, or were you?

I was on a grind like all of us were...I was dancing for the nba, and lead singing for a band opening for anthony hamilton.

How are things in N.O? (Dawn and her family had to leave after hurricane Katrina)

As good and as can be..

Have your parents been able to renovate their house?

No, they have moved to Baltimore and started over.

Growing up what type of music did you listen to?

Rock music

Did you take dance classes?

Since I was mom owned a dancing school

In my opinion you are a deadly combination in that you have a beautiful voice and can hold it while performing. I always say you have a voice that reminds me of Sade meets Toni Braxton and your performance ability is likened to a Beyonce and Ciara. Who were your influences (past and present. vocally and performance wise, if different)_

i loved rock music.. So I loved no doubt, alanis morrisette, bjork, I loved the energy of rock bands.

Tell me about your comic book project?

Its my baby.. I started with sketches and turned into so much more..
Its sex in the city meets sin city..

Will this be out in certain stores?

Its exclusively online right now

When can we expect it?

its out now!!! Go get it!

You came up with the DK theme, has comics always been your thing?

I fell in love with them in high school..

What's the ultimate goal with the comic book project?

I hope to have an international distributor and 25 issues out..and hopefully a movie directed by Frank Miller

What about music: Is the new making the band about reuniting, making a new group, or going solo?

Its about us trying to pick up the pieces and start over..

If you were a solo artist what type of music would you want to put out (dance, pop, rnb, rock, country etc)?

I'm not a solo artist yet so I don't know...

Is there anything else you'd like to get into (movies modeling etc) or that we can expect?

I'd love to get my hands in the fashion world...I love fashion and acting as well..acting is a passion of mine..I'd love to do a tyler perry film...but music is first..that's my heart.
We thank Dawn for the interview and wish her the best in her future endeavors.

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