Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Long before she was a superstar and style icon, Beyonce Knowles' parents Matthew and Tina taught her how to perform and dress. Although she may sing about being an "Independent Woman," the 27-year-old still relies on her family for career and fashion advice. Beyonce isn't just the Knowles' daughter, she's the family business.

In the latest issue of Vogue, on newstands March 24, the normally private performer opens up to Jonathan Van Meter about the people closest to her:

On her father, Matthew Knowles: "My father is still my manager. He does all of the business deals and negotiations. The best thing is having someone I trust. I know he is up until 4:00 a.m. fighting and working and doing things that no one else would do."

On bumping heads with her father: "It's definitely tense. And if there's one person in my life I argue with the most, it's him. But it's business. It's always about business."

On her father's reputation in the music business for driving a hard bargain: "He is a tough bargainer. But he really knows what he's doing, and he's a workaholic."

On her mother, Tina Knowles: "My mother is truly my best friend "We work together on our clothing line [The House of Dereon].

She handles my movies: She reads all the scripts and tells me the good ones, and then I read them."

On their involvement in her career: "My father has other artists. My mother does her own clothing line on HSN. Their whole lives are not ... me. But if they wanted to retire, I'm sure we would figure out who would help me."

On imagining having her big career without them: "I can't," she says, shaking her head. "We all did this together."

Did she say other artists? That would be Trinity 6 and Michelle Williams? Oh okay.

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