Monday, May 11, 2009


First was LSM. She relied heavily on the backdrop but her mic was on and she was live, and she fuccin snapped. The James Brown slide in heels down to a frontal split. Who but Ci?

Next was Never Ever. The vocals were okay, pretty close to the recorded version. Some pitchy spots when headed to the high note but we don't love Ci for her "always hitting the note" vocals. Having said that, she's constantly improving and working at it. I'd pay to see her any day over some sweaty singer who sells records when DefJam buys it..I'm just saying.

I say all this to say, CI SMASHED SNL

MTV will be airing all 10 of the above skits throughout the week. The best ones are of Ci dancing in the movie theater as "Miss Jackie" and the "Super C" skits.


Anonymous said...

she kilt snl dat lil james brown part was dope i cant do that wit socks on let only heels lol the mtv skits were 2 funny

Anonymous said...

yep ci murked snl. loved it.