Monday, May 4, 2009


Halle and daughter go shopping. Beauty runs in the family

Queen Ri and her hat. The only thing worth mentioning about the Kentucky Derby.
Rhianna at her mom's bday celebration a couple of weeks ago

In other news, turns out Ri tried to start rumors about bball player. Bynum said he was eating dinner with his family (parents) at Mastro's Steakhouse and Rihanna and her companions were seated at a nearby table. Rihanna came over and introduced herself to Andrew and asked if she could have a photo with him. Andrew was flattered and happily complied. They left around the same time, and paparazzi outside got all riled up, assuming they had dinner together. Rihanna didn't deny it. Naturally rumors that they were on a date buzzed all over town. Afterward Bynum wondered if she had used him in some way or it was a coincidence. Leave it to her camp to keep her in the news. Same with this supposed tour with Ciara. Not happening
British Kate Winslet. The only person who can actually act in American Theaters
Miley and Justin have a "talk."

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