Monday, June 29, 2009


Best Dressed
Cassie is smokin
Lataya stunned
Ci dazzled

It's in honor of Michael afterall. The ? is why wasn't this chick dancing?

Honarable Outfit Mention
My girl Akeys does no wrong
Trina on her elegant steez
Jazzy got robbed out of her best new artist award

Need to Rethink that Outfit
Neyo and his girl are suspect
Taraji I need you to take that wig off and suck it in a bit more
Kanye's jumpoff needs a bra
Ameri made the list cuz she showed up in Kanye girl's outfit
Bey has great legs and great shows but everything above is **shrugs**

Worst Dressed
Wow Lil Mama, just Wow
One of the PCD backups looking for attention

WTF Moments

Let start with the embarrassment that was this interview. Is this just an media op for this guy

-I'm hearing Chris was banned from the show at the last minute because of Jay Z? WTF. Didn't TI perform after being arrested for the whole gun possession thing? And don't get me started on Wayne and all the other criminals, Jay Z included (stabbing a man) who took the stage. The negroes and their Jayz worshiping has gone to another level. As if this nikka got any real clout outside of NY. Give me a break

-Neyo and Jamie performing every 5 minutes was not the biz. Neyo is no Michael. Nor is anyone else and he has the best matched voice but there are other celebs. Trey could have done something. Even Tevin Campbell and other high pitched vocal acts.

-Why did I hear Ciara cried like a little baby back stage making everyone stop and stare. You would think she was a member of the family.

Award Winners
All I can say is, Day 26 won for best group. Need I say more as to the nonsense that that was?

The MJ Tributes

New Edition with Bobby included with an MJ medley.

Neyo "Lady in My Life"

Ciara "Heel the World"

Janet's Words
Jaimie and Neyo "I'll Be There"

It ended on a very somber note. We were all hoping for a dance tribute so that it can be a celebration. But I suppose you can't go from Janet's speech to dancing. In all not BET's best award show, infact probable it's worst but they pulled it together in 2 days and it was MJ.

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