Monday, June 22, 2009


Producers decide they will release "Mama I Want To Sing" staring Ciara in theaters instead of straight to DVD. Infact according to movie producer Marvett Britto, who I spoke to last week, the movie was never slated to go straight to DVD even though Ciara said so in interviews. We hear because the deal was brokered by her former manager Ciara just wants to put the whole experience behind her...not to mention she was pissed off when the girl who played a younger Ci was fired for a lighter skinned girl (but that's for another time). Anywhoo Ci shot her scenes in 2007 and new scenes were shot with a new young Ci (character Amara) not too long ago. Here's a clip of the trailer that someone recorded in the theaters. I'm hearing they are looking for an October 2009 limited theater release.

In other news, while Ciara is at home in ATL recouping for her UK tour with Britney, word is she is gearing back for more tour performances. Starting in July she will head out with Jay Z doing 2 dates in 5 cities throughout the month, then in August she will do another run with Britney in the US for a month. Apparently she and Brit Brit hit it off nicely. She is also in the works of doing her own international tour by year's end.

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