Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ciara arrived in LA yesterday, no doubt to work on some upcoming projects and participate in the BET awards. Here she is at the airport where she was met with her Lambo which she sent ahead from the ATL because LA will be homebase as she tours for a good while (prob until christmas).

Not missing a beat, first thing she did was attend the Transformer's premier in LA with the homie Tyrese. Lala and Kim K were in the house as well

In the meantime Rapup revealed it's summer issue cover with Ciara. See picture and article

In the U.S., the official lead single for Fantasy Ride was "Never Ever." The chorus states: If that boy don't love you by now, he never ever will love you. I'm curious to know what other lessons you learned in the game of love.

This is another area where I had to learn patience. Not everything falls into place like it's supposed to. Love is about having good communication and trust. It takes time to really build a foundation in a relationship. At this point in my life, whoever it is that will become part of my life, I just want to take my time to get to know them. You know what I mean?


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