Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making for quite the amusing scene, Miss Lopez and co-star Alex O’Loughlin were enjoying a dinner date as Alex’s character spilled red wine on Jennifer’s dress before a fire broke out.

Aside from working on her new movie, J. Lo is also putting together her first studio album since her 2007 release titled “Brave”.

“I worked on music while I was pregnant and while I was at home, but now to really get into it and focus on it and to finish the project is exciting,” Lopez told MTV News.

Continuing on, she tells, “You can’t help but put not only your kids into it, but to put anything you are going through in your music. That’s the only thing you can really sing or write is stuff that you know. The more music you make and the more that you get into it and the more you write, the more you realize that’s all you can write.”

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