Thursday, June 11, 2009



Mathew made a threat against BET to remove Beyonce from the BET Awards line-up if LeToya were to perform on that same stage that same night. It is sad to say but I think XXXX will win over LeToya [Luckett]’s management because Beyonce is a garantee to bring the ratings up for the show. In business we have to deal with shady politics but this is going too far. All I want is both girls to perform. Not just want or the other. I’ve talked about it to some LeToya fans about it and now they started a petition ( . Even if BET wouldn’t bend over (which I doubt) he would get Beyonce out there at the last minute. He’s just trying to intimidate BET. Anyway now you know, deal with this info the best way you can.Please don’t reveal my indentity or where I work at.

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