Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ciara has been busy with the Do Something 101 campaign. Each Staples store across the country has teamed with a local organization that helps kids in need. All summer you can donate new school supplies at any Staples store and DoSomething.org will get them to the kids who need them most for back to school.

In other news, on Saturday Ciara was suppose to host Social Life Magazine’s event held at the magazine’s estate in Water Mill, NY. (She’s the mag’s cover girl this month.) This did not sit well with NY socialites and sparked serious outrage. On Monday representative Devorah Rose made a statement:

" I mean, it's not a big deal whatsoever," Ms. Rose said. "Ciara is a really big superstar and she has a very hectic schedule, and she has several different management companies that handle her as well as a press company, and basically ....she got an opportunity to go into the recording studio with Justin Timberlake and sometimes in a list of priorities, attending an event and recording an event is going to trump that. That said, we usually have all of the cover girls come out, but when you're dealing with an international star, it's handled a little differently...She made time out of her schedule to do this cover, she wore a gorgeous Oscar De La Renta vintage dress. I think it's pathetic and sad that people have to focus on things as frivolous as events. They should focus on the work that we put into it, the article, the fact that she took time out of her schedule, the quality of the photos, how amazing the magazine looks. I mean, I think it's really, really sad and I just don't understand why people can't just focus on the integrity and the beauty of the magazine. "

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