Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Moments later Kanye reportedly called the view to apologize to Taylor.

Admist rumors that this whole thing was a stunt etc, check out what HipHop rumors had to say:

Let's dissect the VMA:

1. Kanye did this at the beginning of the show during the first award nomination. MTV planned this to keep us glued to their network.

2. Right after the incident Rhapsody aired a commercial stating,"we listen to jay z, we listen to Pink but right now is Taylor's moment."

3. There are 3 winners at the VMA...Beyonce, T.Swift and Kanye.

Kanye is gaining so much publicity(bad publicity is good publicity) from this stunt. His fans doesn't care if he dissed a country singer, they will still buy his next album.

4. Beyonce saves the day and dedicates her award to the young singer. You think B really cares about a VMA at this point in her career...NO.

5.Taylors album sales will get a significant boost because people feel sorry for her.

6.If MTV really was embarrassed by the stunt, they would not have re-aired it on the rerun episode of the awards or posted it on their website.

I feel that this information is necessary because we can't allow the media to blind us and think we are stupid. And the sad thing is they are using our talented Hip Hop artists to do the dirty work. Corporations such as Viacom(own MTV, BET,VH1,Comedy Central-Dave Chapelle show) are exploiting our people and our music. Its sad that Kanye cosigned to do this spoof and he should apologize to Hip Hop not just Taylor. All MTV cares about is "Advertisment Dollars."

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