Friday, October 23, 2009


I usually don't indulge in the negro blogs nonsense as they post anything in their email to fill up time. But a recent post on "one of them" about how Ciara disrespected TC at the Justin concert comes to mind when I see this pic....AT THE VERY CONCERT.  Not to mention Tboz twiting about how UNTRUE that story was. SMDH

And call her international Ci cause she in Brazil and don't hear your desparate attempts.

Ci and her girl Lala backstage (dancers in the back). I'm sure there will be a new story tomorrow on how Ciara don't let her dancers look her in the eye. LOL


Anonymous said...

Whatever. All of these blogs are full of crap

kayDabish said...

oh lawd of mercy 4 real? so y people r creating malicious rumours about the poor girl? im glad u exposed the truth i wish more people can see this though smh ciara is just plain hating on 4 no damn reason lmao@ the comment about another false story about ci. smh man these bloggers r desperate. go ahead ci go make that money girl.

Anonymous said...

Im glad to hear SOMETHING positive about Ciara!

Anonymous said...

this is a late comment I for one surely glad to hear something positive about this girl. the industry is cold but her own freinds wrong her shots at her in a interview and the other a song so they can gang fane off of her i guest freindship value means little to them.