Sunday, November 15, 2009


In an attempt to keep rumors buzzing about who he is or is not dating, 50 cent has enlisted yet another recognizable face to be a "leading lady" in his video. First we saw Kelly Rowland in his first single "Baby By Me" now to the surprise of everyone Vivica Fox agreed to do his next video appropriately titled "Do You Think About Me." Yes, the Vivica Fox he dated some time ago and dogged out in public.  Yes, the Vivica Fox who has declined in relevancy, stature and respect after lack of movie roles, plastic surgery galore, and being reduced to dancing on stage for a Lil John performance.  Perhaps its 50 cent's way of giving back or making ammends or maturing (not likely) or rekindling a lost love? Either way one has to wonder what Vivica was thinking. Does she not need a public apology before sucumming to this?

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